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groupe sefmat

Designer of innovative solutions for intense heat production

groupe sefmat

Designer of innovative solutions for intense heat production

FRANCE: Le Haillan

USA: Franklin Park

  • 30years of experience
  • 400 partners all over the world
  • 100%quality & innovation
groupe ripagreen
premier produit

The solution

of high velocity heating to eliminate weeds

Thanks to Ripagreen, weeding is now easy! Ripagreen navigates curbs and obstacles with ease. Our High Velocity Heating System allows an efficient thermal choc for low gas consumption. Discover Ripagreen universe and join the thousands of customers already convinced.

vidéo démonstrative

Watch the Ripagreen videos and see how efficient and easy this solution is..
groupe ripack
premier produit

The solution

of rectractable packaging

Ripack is for several years the world leading manufacturer of manual shrink wrapping solutions. Beyond its expertise in the heat shrink tool design, Ripack support you to create your packaging area, from the gas bottle trolley to the wide bag sealer. Discover the Ripack universe and find finally a solution for a strong protection of your pallets. .

vidéo démonstrative

Few seconds are enough for the Ripack 3000 to shrink a pallet, discover the comfort and safety of this tool.
groupe ripackSupplies
ripacksupplies produit

The solution

to protect goods with no size limits

Ripack supplies, with more than 30 years in the shrink-wrapping field, is glad to present its division dedicated to Marinas, shipyards, industries and aircraft suppliers. A new service for your company, a better image and more money thanks to the Ripack Supplies protection program.

Its unique range of products, professional training team and wide range of service allow Ripack Supplies to be more than a supplier for you, a real partner for your growth.

vidéo démonstrative

No limit in the protection of your products, follow the step by step video of a boat winterisation.

Contact us

  • Contact France:
    7 Rue de Betnoms,
    33185 Le Haillan France
    +33 (0)5 56 34 35 18

  • Contact international:
    10700 Waveland Ave.
    Franklin Park, IL. 60131
    (773) 267-2526

  • E-mail adresse: